[sticky post]Gauge Microphones- Winners Announced

Gauge Microphones has announced the winners of their latest microphone contest. The 10 lucky winners included songwriters, home studio owners, film composers and recording artists.

Gauge Microphones is well known for their tradition of providing high quality microphones at an affordable price. Their flagship mic (the ECM87) is a top choice for recording vocals, piano & guitar in both home and professional studios. Other products include the highly acclaimed ECM47 tube microphone and the ECM84 small diaphragm condenser.

Two-time Grammy winner Jan Fairchild says, "The ECM47 is incredible. You guys are killing with these mics!!!"

Bret Levick also loves his Gauge ECM87 mic saying, "I just got my ECM87 and it's absolutely stellar! I tried it on acoustic guitar and vocals and it sounds a million times better than anything in it's price range. Thank you!"

Congratulations to; Rogelio Cortez, Dennis Kim, Dustin Medeiros, Tom Murasso, Juan Dies, David Deedwania, Clay Butler, Bill Steele, Jeff McCollister, Larry Bates. Enjoy!


Sammy Hakim's New Music Video "Tuck Me In" Has A Powerful Message Against Domestic Violence and Bull

Music has the power to speak up when your voice is hurt, when you can't speak. Sometimes it's a broken heart, but other times it's from a broken home. Violence never amasses to anything positive and people say fight for your rights. But at times, the pain is too much to bear; until you hear a song that strikes the chord for change.

That's exactly what young songwriter, pianist and singer Sammy Hakim promotes in her latest video for new single "Tuck Me In". At just the young age of 18, Sammy has composed a thought provoking song dealing with the harsh reality of domestic violence and bullying. Her lyrics are moving and when she sings, her feelings are distraught with haunting accuracy, but it comes from a fire to fight back and create awareness to stand up for yourself and pick up the pieces from a broken home.

"Tuck Me In" is a story driven music video that shares both glimpses of her as well as following the story of a young boy that witnesses domestic abuse and bullying. The music video starts with images of an unkempt, dingy apartment where you see a boy full of hope with his mother full of emotional scars and real bruises. As the boy sees his mother waste away her precious life, his father knocks on the door with rage and proceeds to beat his mother right in front of him. Heartbroken and distraught, the boy proceeds to tuck in his mother and cuddle with her, telling her everything will be all right. In the next scenes, the boy walks to school and stumbles upon a bully picking on a smaller kid. He can't help the fact that it reminds him so much of his father, that he intervenes and eventually gets rid of the bully and helps the kid up before running off back home to help his mother out again.

In between the scenes are powerful and yet aesthetic visuals of Sammy Hakim. "Tuck Me In" uses a lot of low-density lighting, as to create an effect of a somber, dark room. Noticeably there is a candle sitting atop of her piano, a metaphor for hope. Through the music video for "Tuck Me In" most of the scenes are reenactments but still use a grungy like filter to show the repercussions and emotions of violence within a home and struggling against a bullying.

Sammy Hakim's voice plows through social stigmas and brings a new hope for people suffering through hardships in their lives. "Tuck Me In" and the music video share insight to the reality that many people face but also create awareness and offers hope to a new generation of people to avoid living in this trauma and correcting their mistakes. Sammy Hakim's talents are only just beginning to flourish and with visuals and songs like "Tuck Me In" she will be a new voice of change in music.




Tommy Roumanas News "She Keeps Me (Rockin')

Tommy Roumanas News

April 13, 2014

Vancouver, B.C.


Hot on the heels of his critcally acclaimed first release "Hard Rain", Tommy Roumanas has released his new single "She Keeps Me (Rockin') to radio in Canada, Australia, and the U.S.A.

This rousing full-tilt rocker shows Tommy at the top of his game. "She Keeps Me Rockin' " keeps you moving from beginning to end with on-the-edge guitar work and a story line that keeps you asking 'what will she do next?'

The distributor tells us that "She Keeps Me (Rockin') is the 2nd most downloaded indie song by radio programmers in Canada behind only Serena Ryder. iTunes reports the song is selling briskly with sales in every province and territory.

Featuring some of the Okanagans' top musicians (Bob Gablehouse - lead guitar, Scotty Gamble - drums, Jim Ryan - bass, and Lynne Taylor Donovan - backing vocals), this song begs to be played loud and enjoyed to the max over and over. Spread the word to all your friends........call or email your local radio request lines and let everyone know about "She Keeps Me (Rockin').

The reviews are fantastic and speak for themselves.


"....resurgence rock.....closer to The Cult and Bruce Springsteen.....

....you're in for a treat..... - Douglas Garnett


".... She Keeps Me (Rockin')¡±....a cocky, high-handed rocker with enough aggressiveness to level a small building.".... - Rick Jamm

MUSICNOTES MAGAZINE "....classic style with a new age edge....extremely catchy...."





Coming off the back of monthly shows in Beverly Hills and Brooklyn, gifted audio magician DJ Rider returns, with his latest stimulating release, "Send Me An Angel".

The brand new single signifies Rider's intent to becoming a EDM name stay, and will undoubtedly see him build on the success of last years Re-Sampler project.

The Russian born EDM entertainer is set to take the dance floor by storm throughout 2014, offering high quality, catchy and enjoyable House records. Having been a resident at several L.A based clubs, including Ivar, Key Club, Cinespace, Cabana and Sugar, Rider has also performed at the likes of Playhouse, Medusa, The Arena, Rolling Stone and Confidential Beverly Hills.

With his rise in popularity apparent, DJ Rider didn't seek a label contract, opting for the more confident decision of launching own label, Love Robot Records, something that will give Rider the creative freedom he so yearns. While 2014 is undoubtedly set to be packed full of surprises, including several new releases, Rider could well prove to be more than just a summer fling. You might just fall in love…

More Info

Official website: www.djrider.us

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djriderLA ,

Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/artist/dj-rider/353749

Release date April 10th

BUCK69's New CD "No Medicine Like The Blues"

16 new original songs by the Toledo Ohio based Blues, Roots Rock band BUCK69

See The Video Here: http://youtu.be/k8_GBT60jIk

Buy the CD or Download MP3's Here:


Or Stream It At ITunes:



Tru5tM3 - Chasing Stars

Delivering floor filling anthems is something that comes naturally to Slovakian producer Tru5tM3, who today delivers his latest audio masterpiece, titled "Chasing Stars".

Building on the global success of his previous releases, Tru5tM3 embarks on yet another engaging journey of audio experimentation, blending techno, dubstep and underground sounds with a synth driven production and an untamable melodic style. Together with a female vocal, the brand new release encompasses a broad appeal, demonstrating a distinctive and identifiable sound.

Since Tru5tM3's musical journey began, back in 2001, the Bratislava based producer has released and introduced his first 12´´ record to the international techno scene and set his own music label – Backstage Records.

Tru5tM3 is'nt just "Chasing Stars", he's catching them!






The Music Industry Self Help Guide. Taking Your First Steps towards Trampling Over the Obstacles in

The Music Industry Self Help Guide – Taking Your Steps towards Trampling Over The Obstacles in an Independent Market is the first literary contribution from author Michael Repel, a longtime working musician and independent record label owner.

After playing with many bands, mentoring artists from multiple genres at music conferences, and receiving multiple submissions from unprepared artists and bands; Repel thought it necessary to provide a book for emerging artists that addressed all of the items that are creating a huge disparity between working musicians and those who are trying to get their foot in the door of the industry.

Deeply rooted in the DIY (Do it yourself) mentality, this book provides a realistic approach to multiple aspects of career development that are overlooked by many entry level and intermediate artists.

With real world statistics, and at times, some hard doses of common sense; this book is loaded with personal experience in addition to the tools and concepts that every artist needs to move forward in the independent music market.

Written in an honest, conversational, though-provoking, and inspirational manner this book will eliminate a majority of the guesswork that aspiring musicians will face and prepare them for the realities of today’s music industry.

Preview The Music Industry Self Help Guide where it is currently available for purchase; on Amazon kindle, Apple iBooks, Google Books, Kobo books, Sony books, Samsung Reader, Nook, and Blio.

A paperback edition is available for US residents by mail-order on the books website; http://themusicindustryselfhelpguide.com (282 pages, 6 x 9 US Trade size.) ISBN: 978-0-9915155-0-9

Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JBNP656

Apple iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/music-industry-self-help-guide/id850533215?mt=11

Googlebooks: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Michael_Repel_THE_MUSIC_INDUSTRY_SELF_HELP_GUIDE?id=Op0zAwAAQBAJ

Kobo books: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/the-music-industry-self-help-guide

Barnes and Noble Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-music-industry-self-help-guide-michael-repel/1119057631?ean=9780991515516


Rapper NazB Brings Greater Awareness Through His Lyrics On "Rape (Shame)"

Zurich, Switzerland, April 13, 2014 - Having lived and performed all over the world, NazB's life story is a remarkable one. Influenced by native Nigerian music and experiencing success as one of Switzerland's top Hip-Hop artists, his single release titled Shame (Rape) addresses a controversial societal issue.

After moving to Switzerland from Nigeria, NazB's music was well received by the country's Hip-Hop fans and NazB received maximum exposure on Robo Clip SF2 and Canadian Music Television. Building off of his international success, his latest track Rape (Shame) is played on a number of major international airways including Jet Airways, Air India, Spice, and Indigo.

Recorded at his home studio, the track is a polished, meticulously engineered piece of music that gained him recognition from multiple record labels. And while the title of his new track is controversial, it's message is one of awareness and positivity. Shame (Rape) features rapper Dior and addresses the societal problem of gang rape. Proceeds will benefit the Weisser Ring Charity Organization and their fight against rape and sexual assault.

Currently available on iTunes and CD Baby, Rape (Shame) will appear on his upcoming album. The video for the song is being released this month, being made available on his YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScjNyAfj8LU). For more information on NazB, his life story and his upcoming release, check out his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/nazbmusicpage or his official site (www.nazb.com).


A Festival Giving Back To The Men And Women Who Gave To Us

Fredericksburg, Virginia | April 13, 2014 - Have you ever wanted to give back to the men and women who put their lives on the line? Here's your chance to help support them but not in the typical fashion. Operation Rock Fest with the support of Luke's Wings is creating a rock festival with killer bands to help support our American Heroes in Fredericksburg, Virginia on June 21, 2014. This is a fun way to help support and give back to the men and women who give their lives to save ours. Here are some of the bands that will be performing this special event; Pop Evil, Nonpoint, Saving Abel, Gemini Syndrome, Love and Death, BobaFlex, Super Bob, Almost Kings, ELISIUM, Wayland, Blacklite District, Madrone, Another Lost Year and many more. The founders of Operation Rock Fest, Tony Wilson of The Lafayette Agency, LLC, Kyle and Ronda Favors of Thermal Entertainment, LLC, Jon and Rachel Chevalley of Sinewave Entertainment Group, are excited to bring this ultimate rock show to help our heroes and their families.


This show will be taken place at Fredericksburg Agricultural Fairgrounds, 2400 Airport Avenue, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 On June 21, 2014. The gates will open at 10:30am and the music will start at 12:00pm to 11:30pm. For tickets to this show there are different options. General Admission Tickets 500 limited release - $30 Early Bird, $35 Advanced, and $45 day of the show. There are also VIP tickets, also 500 limited release, $99 VIP Advanced, $149 VIP day of show. The VIP package includes Exclusive VIP bathroom, VIP area with discounted beverages, VIP access at stage, an event t-shirt, and an event lanyard with laminate. The parking for this show is free.

Operation Rock Fest will be benefitting Luke's Wings, which is an organization that helps support our American Troops and their families. To find out more information about Luke's Wings visit the websitewww.lukeswings.org.

To get tickets visit:



www.govx.com/operationrockfest  (This is for government employees and families)

For more information about the event:




For More information contact: Operation Rock Fest | Tony Wilson at OpRockFest@gmail.com


Taiwan Announces First Ever Export Mission To Canada For Canadian Music Week 2014

The Taiwan Ministry of Culture Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development (BAMID) is excited to showcase three Taiwanese bands at this year's Canadian Music Week (CMW) in partnership with CLICK MUSIC. As the first foray into Canada, performers include the Taiwan Golden Melody "Best Band" Award winner MATZKA, twice-nominated io, and Taiwan Golden Indie Music Award nominated RED. A perfect showcase of local Taiwanese culture with the crossover appeal of overseas pop, these bands are ready to take Toronto storm with two nights of music on Wednesday May 7th and an official Taiwan showcase on May 8th from 7-10 pm on the second floor of the El Mocambo. The showcase will also include collaborations with the bandleader from Montreal-based band The Ins and Outs. Full show details below. For more information on the 'Hearing Taiwan' showcase at Canadian Music Week, click here: http://tinyurl.com/k44dsxn.

In addition to the official showcase, Taiwan representatives and artists will be available to connect with the media. A press event will be held at the Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre at the International Market Place on May 8th from 1-2 pm, which will include a stripped-down acoustic set from MATZKA. Media will have the chance to speak with key leaders in the export mission and showcasing artists. To attend please RSVP to jonathan@audioblood.com.

In addition, the Taiwan delegation will be available for B2B meetings as part of Canadian Music Week's international conference activity. For more information on how to get involved, please email tradeshows@cimamusic.ca.

Canadian Music Week (CMW) is one of the most influential international music conferences and festivals in the world. Reflecting the Taiwanese Government support for the performing arts, the Ministry of Culture has fully supported this project and selected these three outstanding Taiwanese music acts to participate. To bridge gaps between the musicians and the global music industry attending CMW, Taiwan will be sending music business veteran Jesse Liu to CMW to discuss the latest trends in the development of international music. In addition, he will share insights regarding the status of Taiwan pop music industry and encourage more cross-border collaborations to promote opportunities for the future. This is surely the start of a great partnership between the booming music industries in Taiwan and Canada, and beyond. To learn more about BAMID: http://www.bamid.gov.tw.



Haling from Eastern Taiwan (Taitung), MATZKA is a four-piece group that mixes traditional reggae elements with rap and their aboriginal history for what they've deemed "Taiwanese Reggae". Comprised of Taiwanese aboriginals, MATZKA blends smooth rhythms with soaring vocals sung in both their aboriginal language and Mandarin. The band has been making waves internationally with their heartfelt and emotional music, touring overseas to music festivals around the world.

May 07 @ Cadillac Lounge – 7pm

May 08 @ El Mocambo – 9pm

Website: http://www.matzka.com.tw

Video: http://tinyurl.com/ooxcmoz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/matzka2010


Formed in Vancouver, BC, io is four Canadian-born Taiwanese dreamers who left behind their staid cubicle gigs to pursue their passion – rock and roll. With two LPs under their belt, io have proven themselves at the forefront of Taiwanese rock. They have been nominated twice for the Golden Melody Award in Taiwan and recently signed with major Taiwanese record label Rock Records. A band with ambitions to change the world with their music, io are geared up and excited to return to Canada.

May 07 @ Johnny Jacksons – 7pm

May 08 @ El Mocambo – 7pm

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ioband

io Official YouTube Channel: http://tinyurl.com/ottx9yw


RED, which is led by Taiwan's top electronic music producer DJ Code, mashes up Chinese classical instruments with avant-garde electronic arrangements and ultra-psychedelic vocals for something truly unique. RED have netted multiple invitations to perform at clubs and prestigious music festivals, both mainland and overseas. Notable appearances include the Spring Scream's Moonlight Carnival Party, China's Qingdao International Music Festival and Chengdu Zebra Music Festival, Russia's Asia Festival, and Malaysia's WE LOVE ASIA Festival. The band's lead single "Olive Tree" also garnered a Goldie Indie Music Award nomination for Best Electronic track and they notably featured as the opening act for US house band Late Night Alumni's sold out concert in Taipei.

May 07 @ The Painted Lady – 12am

May 08 @ El Mocambo – 8pm

RED Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redmusic.fans

Official Video for "Olive Tree": http://tinyurl.com/qektf9b



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